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Bag Packing at the Supermarket

Bag packing is a great form of fundraising and is still as successful as ever since the introduction of the plastic bag fee. It is best to pick a busy time like Saturday afternoon in a large Supermarket. If you can get enough people together on a busy day in a large supermarket, you can expect to raise in the region of €1000.

1. Write to your local supermarket asking permission for a bag packing day or evening. Make sure to enclose information about the charity (we can always supply you with extra leaflets/posters etc.).

2. When you receive permission we can provide you with buckets and collector’s vests for you and your helpers.

3. You need to round up as many friends and colleagues to help. If the supermarket has 10 checkouts, try and get 10 people to help you. If you can’t cover every checkout leave a collection bucket on the unattended ones anyway as people see the work you are doing and will be happy to contribute
Please make sure that your helpers are briefed about the work of NCBI. Often shoppers will ask about the charity & your helpers will need to know the basics of what we do.

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