Cycling - Blazing Saddles

The Blazing Saddles were established in 1992 by NCBI’s Eamon Duffy, with the first trip taking the group to California. Since then, the Blazing Saddles have cycled all over the World and have raised tens of thousands of euro for NCBI on each of their legendary events.

Making sport and fitness accessible

Fitness centres and gyms

Making your centre more accessible to customers with vision impairment.

Students and Researchers

Most Common Causes of Sight Loss

Find out more about the difficulties that a person with sight loss may experience, the most common causes of sight loss and what effects different eye conditions have on a person’s sight.

Eye Conditions

Read about the most common eye conditions.

Architects and Engineers

This section contains useful information for architects and engineers on how certain building practices can help people who are blind and vision impaired.

Health Professionals

This section provides useful advice and information for health professionals from all fields on how to best care for a person with sight loss.

Education professionals

This section provides useful advice and information on training, teaching and catering for the needs of people with vision impairments in an educational environment. Also included is an educational pack about sight loss aimed at primary school teachers.


This section provides advice and information for employers who have already employed a vision impaired person or are considering doing so.

Friends and Relatives

This section provides useful advice and information for people who may interact with friends, relatives or colleagues who are blind or vision impaired.


Here you will find information and advice for parents of children with a vision impairment.

Fundraising and Community Events

Take on a challenge today! We have something for everyone with a wide range of activities and locations to suit all ages, interests and abilities. Your participation in any of our fundraising events makes a real difference and raises much-needed funds for NCBI.