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NCBI Technology Podcast

Welcome to NCBI's Technology Podcast.


Our monthly programmes which can be found on this page bring you the latest technical innovations from NCBI, as well as contributions from our listeners, interviews with Assistive Technology companies and tutorials and demonstrations showing products that our listeners are using.


You can browse the archive and show notes from this page, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed to have our monthly episodes downloaded automatically.


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for future podcasts, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Lawler our podcast editor.


Technology Podcast Episode 33: February 2015

This month:

  • We meet Niall Gallagher, who is living in Sligo and has recently graduated with a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Limerick. We discuss Niall's use of technology and the importance of having good IT skills when accessing higher education.
  • Stuart is joined by Ed Rogers and Steph Tyszka, from Bristol Braille Technology, to talk about a new multi-line Braille reader called Canute.
  • We announce details of an information session run by INBAF, the Irish National braille and Alternative Formats Association, to introduce the Unified English Braille (UEB) and Updated Irish Braille (UIB) codes, taking place in Galway in early March.
  • Finally, Eleanor Burke joins Stuart from London, to discuss her use of technology, both screen magnification and screen reading, as well as OCR and particularly, the recently released KNFB Reader for iOS.

Technology Podcast Episode 32: January 2015

This month:

  • We meet Darren Reid from Dublin, who has just set up a new video blog. He talks a little about the process and what he hopes to achieve by running it.
  • We hear an interesting article from this year's Consumer Electronics Show, about a new set of speakers produced by Philips.
  • Stuart is demonstrating some of the functionality of Narrator, the built-in screen reader on Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Finally, we meet Pierre Gagne, who is part of a project that are creating an accessible computer game that can be played by blind and sighted people alike.

Technology Podcast Episode 31: December 2014

This month:

  • Stuart reports from NCBI's Technology Day, which took place in Claregalway College, on Saturday November 29th. The day was aimed at those in primary and secondary education, their parents, teachers and other support workers, by talking about and demonstrating new and emerging technology.
  • We re-visit Brian and Louise Hartgen, who have just released their latest product. Named LEASEY, it provides a huge range of tools to make computing far easier for beginner and more advanced users.
  • Finally, Stuart is demonstrating the recently released KNFB reader for iOS.

The NCBI Technology Podcast team would like to wish all our listeners a very happy Christmas, and all the best for the year ahead!

Technology Podcast Episode 30: November 2014

This month:

  • Stuart speaks with Natasha Beauharnais, marketing manager for GeorgiePhone, a family of accessible apps that can be downloaded and installed to an Android phone.
  • We meet Marco Zehe, who works as an accessibility engineer with Mozilla, and who is telling us about a fascinating experiment he undertook earlier in the Summer, entitled 30 Days With Android.
  • Finally, Dr. Mark Magennis, from NCBI's Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT) is here to give us an update on the European Union funded project called DICE, an introduce us to the project's new website, DigiPlace4All.

Technology Podcast Episode 29: October 2014

This month:

  • We begin with an update on NCBI's Assistive Technology roadshow, which is visiting Wexford, Athlone and Dublin later this month.
  • We meet David Woodbridge, who is talking about his recently published free E-book, entitled ' iSee - Getting the Most out of Your Apple Product’s from a Blind Person’s Perspective'. You can email David if you'd like to get a copy.
  • Stuart reports from this year's RNIB Techshare Conference, which took place in Glasgow, and we hear excerpts from two presentations given by Neil Heslop, director of RNIB Solutions, and Robin Spinks, Digital accessibility Manager at RNIB.
  • We're joined by Kerie Doyle, David Nason and Saleem Rahman, who are talking about changes in Apple's recently released iOS operating system, and the exciting new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices.
    Amongst items referenced in this discussion are a list of new features in iOS 8 for accessibility, Frequently Asked Questions about iOS 8 and The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 8: From Serious To Minor.
  • Finally, we meet Rich Cavallaro, who works as a technology instructor, in the orientation centre of the Iowa Department for the Blind.

Technology Podcast Episode 28: September 2014

This month:

  • We announce details of NCBI's Assistive Technology Roadshow, which is visiting Wexford, Athlone and Dublin, on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of October.
  • We meet Daniel Novak, who is telling us about a new Android application called BlindShell, which provides a simplified interface for your mobile device.
  • Sean Randall is along to talk about and demonstrate the Chromecast, which allows you to stream content from a range of online sources to your home entertainment system.
  • We meet Mark Nelson from My Digital Apex, a company who are producing a fantastic suite of training material for a number of software packages and platforms.
  • Finally, James Gashel from KNFB Reading Technologies is here to tell us all about the soon-to-be released KNFB Reader for iOS.

Technology Podcast Episode 27: August 2014

This month:

  • Kerie Doyle is here to talk about the Visually Impaired computer Society of Ireland (VICS) and their up-coming technology weekend and AGM, which takes place in Mayo from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st September. If you wish to get more information you can send an email to Kerie.
  • Stuart is speaking to Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Product Management with Freedom Scientific, who is telling us about the latest enhancements in the soon to be released JAWS Screen reader, version 16.
  • We're joined by Brian Hartgen and Lulu Keel, who are talking about and demonstrating a new and very exciting product called Leasey.
  • Finally, Maria de la Puente joins us on Skype from Holland, to talk about a new iOS app called SoundFace, to make Facebook easier to use.

Technology Podcast Episode 26: July 2014

This month:

  • We're joined by Mark Magennis, director of the Centre for Inclusive Technology at NCBI, who is discussing the results of a recent survey of blind and low vision users of mobile phones.
  • Stuart introduces a website called Blindy TV, which allows you to listen to a range of audio described programming, across a number of genres.
  • We meet Dr. Ganesh Ramachandran, a lecturer at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire, who talks about his own work, and gives us some inkling into the future of technology.
  • We have information on this year's Sight Village assistive technology exhibition and a reminder of NCBI's first ever seminar with Freedom Scientific on Friday 18th July.
  • Finally, Dave Nason is with Stuart to introduce us to the new RNIB Navigator app and discuss some recent updates to BlindSquare GPS.
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Technology Podcast Episode 25: June 2014

This month:

  • As our podcast turns two, we reminisce and play you the beginning of our very first episode, from June 2012.
  • We meet students and instructors who are part of an exciting new training initiative in NCBI called 'BenefIT'.
  • Ronan McGuirk joins Stuart to talk about the implementation of refreshable Irish Braille in the free and open source screen reader NVDA. Ronan is very anxious to have the new Irish Braille code tested by users of NVDA, and you can contact him directly if you'd like to get involved.
  • We visit the Sight City assistive technology exhibition in Frankfurt, and meet Solomon, from HIMS, who is telling us about their latest Braille products.
  • Finally, Kerie Doyle is with Stuart to draw the winner of our first ever technology podcast competition.
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Technology Podcast Episode 24: May 2014

This month,

  • David Nason is with Stuart to talk about Jailbreaking your iOS device. We learn what Jailbreaking is and talk about some of the possible advantages.
  • Mark Courtney, a final year Computer Science student at the Dublin Institute of Technology is chatting with Stuart about a new app which could prove extremely useful to blind users traveling to a new location for the first time.
  • We continue our look at the Microsoft Surface Pro, this time, using the touch screen gestures in conjunction with Jaws.
  • Our communications manager Fionnuala Murphy is with Stuart to talk about NCBI's first ever iOS app, called AMD Aware.
  • Finally, we announce our first ever technology podcast competition, to celebrate our second birthday.
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