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NCBI Technology Podcast

Welcome to NCBI's Technology Podcast.


Our monthly programmes which can be found on this page bring you the latest technical innovations from NCBI, as well as contributions from our listeners, interviews with Assistive Technology companies and tutorials and demonstrations showing products that our listeners are using.


You can browse the archive and show notes from this page, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed to have our monthly episodes downloaded automatically.


If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for future podcasts, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Lawler our podcast editor.


Technology Podcast Episode 42: November 2015

This month:

  • Our Group CEO Chris White joins Stuart to tell us about the new NCBI mobile app, which is now available for Android and iOS. We welcome your feedback so please test it out and let us know what you think!
  • Stuart attends the launch of Abair, the Irish speech synthesiser and speaks with Ronan McGuirk and Christoph Wendler, two of the key people behind the project.
  • Sharon Lyons returns to talk about file attachments and how to manage them.
  • Finally, Stuart speaks with Melanie Leamey, who came to Ireland from Germany in 2010 and has started her own business.

Technology Podcast Episode 41: October 2015

This month:

Technology Podcast Episode 40: September 2015

This month:

  • We start with information on NCBI’s DigiPlace4All seminar, which is taking place on Friday September 18th.
  • Niall Gallagher is with Stuart to talk about using Microsoft Office products on iOS, which he has also written about on his blog.
  • Paul Traynor, NCBI’s Chief technical Support Officer is with us to talk about Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, and points us towards a really useful blog post written by Darragh Ó Héiligh.
  • Sharon Lyons is back for another round of shortcuts, this time, we’re looking at email basics.
  • Dominique Farrell, a long-time listener to our podcast is with Stuart to talk a little about herself and the technology she uses.
  • Finally, if you’ve ever wanted a way to easily identify the photos on your iPhone, Stuart has a quick tip!

Technology Podcast Episode 39: August 2015

This month:

  • Ed Rogers from Bristol Braille Technology makes a welcome return to give us an update on development of the Canute, which we spoke about at length on February 2015's podcast. There's also info on how you can get a chance to try out the Canute for yourself, so please get in touch if you'd like to do just that.
  • Stuart catches up with Collyn Kenny, NCBI's Information Systems Manager, and finds out a little about Collyn and the work he does.
  • Sharon Lyons is back this time to talk about copying, moving and backing up files and folders.
  • Finally, Stuart meets John O'Regan, who is living in Cork and who has set up a blog called The A11y Files.

Technology Podcast Episode 38: July 2015

This month:

  • We begin with a reminder about Sight Village 2015, which is taking place later this month in Birmingham.
  • We've an important announcement relating to the imminent arrival of Microsoft's Windows 10 from Collyn Kenny in our Tech Support department.
  • Sharon Lyons is back to talk more shortcuts, this time, we're looking at how to navigate amongst files and folders, and, we find out why Sharon has less hair than she did on the last episode! If you'd like to know more, here's how it all happened!
  • Saleem Rahman is back with Stuart to analyse this year's Apple WWDC event, at which the much awaited Apple Music was finally unveiled.
  • Finally, Stuart meets Conor McGuire, a newly recruited NCBI technology volunteer. Conor has created a really exciting online social group, so please check it out if you'd like to get involved.
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Technology Podcast Episode 37: June 2015

This month:

  • Sharon Lyons returns to give us a couple of handy shortcuts which will help when saving files.
  • Stuart catches up with Daniel Novak from BlindShell, at the Sight City Assistive Technology exhibition in Germany. BlindShell have made some changes to their product, which offers a simplified user interface for those blind or low vision people using Android.
  • We attend the community launch event for the DigiPlace4All project, which is coordinated by NCBI. We meet a number of people who are getting involved with this new and exciting on-line community, as well as hearing from members of staff from NCBI and some highlights of presentations given at the launch event.
  • Finally, we bring you the audio from an on-line video featuring NCBI Service User Daniel Daly, who is talking about how he uses technology in the classroom.
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Technology Podcast Episode 36: May 2015

This month:

  • Stuart mentions the recently introduced audio description service on Netflix and gives us a taste of what is currently available.
  • We meet Mobeen Iqbal, who is part of a small group of people who run a weekly helpline to support users of technology, Braille and to answer general questions on living with sight loss.
    You can contact the helpline each Monday evening, between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm Irish time by dialling 090 646 4162, and, when connected, dial 219-030-76.
  • Sharon Lyons is here for the next instalment in the popular Sharon’s Shortcuts feature, this time, telling us all about formatting text.
  • We’re delighted to welcome Brian Hartgen back once again, and he’s telling us about Hartgen Consultancy's Summer scripting course as well as updating us on the latest version of LEASEY.
  • Finally, we hear an excerpt from a presentation given by Dr. Mark Magennis, at the AHEAD Annual Conference, which took place in March.
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Technology Podcast Episode 35: April 2015

This month:

  • We meet Barry McDermott, one of a group of students at the national University of Ireland, Galway, who have come up with an ingenious solution to a particular problem for some blind people.
  • Gary Worn is an NCBI volunteer, living in Newbridge, and tells us about his work supporting blind and low vision people in Kildare.
  • Rich Cavallaro introduces us to the VarioUltra, one of the hot products at this year's CSUN Assistive Technology conference, in San Diego.
  • Sharon Lyons is back for the second instalment of our newly launched feature 'Sharon's Shortcuts', this time, looking at a range of handy keystrokes available in Microsoft Word.
  • Finally, we're joined by Martin Lawlor, who is here to demonstrate the Blaze EZ OCR Multi-Player, from Hims.

Technology Podcast Episode 34: March 2015

This month:

  • We’re joined by our Technical support Officer Paul Traynor, who talks about his work, how best to use our telephone support service and also some of the tools that can help you find answers to common questions, such as Paul’s Visually Impaired Students email list.
  • We meet Steve Crawford, founder of Azabat, a company specialising in the development of accessible computer games and much more.
  • NCBI Technology trainer Sharon Lyons is with Stuart for the first instalment in a new series called Sharon’s Shortcuts. This month, we find out a few very handy tips when using Microsoft Word.
  • Finally, Stuart is joined by Cearbhall O’Meadhra, who is conducting a really interesting survey about Braille display usage in Ireland.

Technology Podcast Episode 33: February 2015

This month:

  • We meet Niall Gallagher, who is living in Sligo and has recently graduated with a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Limerick. We discuss Niall's use of technology and the importance of having good IT skills when accessing higher education.
  • Stuart is joined by Ed Rogers and Steph Tyszka, from Bristol Braille Technology, to talk about a new multi-line Braille reader called Canute.
  • We announce details of an information session run by INBAF, the Irish National braille and Alternative Formats Association, to introduce the Unified English Braille (UEB) and Updated Irish Braille (UIB) codes, taking place in Galway in early March.
  • Finally, Eleanor Burke joins Stuart from London, to discuss her use of technology, both screen magnification and screen reading, as well as OCR and particularly, the recently released KNFB Reader for iOS.
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