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5 Ways to Wellbeing Workshop with Mental Health Ireland

The 5 ways to welbeing during Tough Times
Entry Fee: Free
Virtual Online
July 8
July 9


Chantelle Smith

*You can only RSVP for 5 attendees, please contact the organiser for more information

5 Ways to Wellbeing Workshop with Mental Health Ireland

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Dates: Participants must attend both 90min sessions – Thursday 8th & Friday 9th July at 12pm

Participants capped at 15


Mental Health Ireland are delighted to offer the Five Ways to Wellbeing during Tough Times workshop online in conjunction with the National Training Centre & Labs for NCBI service users. Accessible learning resources are provided ahead of the Workshop.

The aims of the workshop is to support participants to:

  • Define what mental health and wellbeing is
  • Have an improved understanding of how you can look after your wellbeing during Covid-19
  • Explore how much time you spend each day looking after your mental health and wellbeing
  • Explore the application of the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a helpful coping strategy during tough times

The overall aim of this workshop is to help you gain a clearer understanding of what Mental Health is but most importantly to learn some practical tools to support you and your wellbeing in general and also throughout this challenging time. The workshop is interactive, and the idea is for you and your colleagues to achieve the learning objectives by interacting and engaging (as often this can be the best way to learn!). The workshop welcomes your engagement and feedback but there is no pressure to interact or share any personal information. Every person will be coming to this workshop with their own background and experiences, and you can choose what wish to share (or not share). The most important thing is that you take away some positive strengths-based steps to help you protect and enhance your mental health during this time.