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NCBI Parent  Conference – Sharing and Developing our understanding of Cortical & Neurological Vision Impairment

NCBI Parent  Conference 26th June 2021 -Sharing and Developing our understanding of Cortical & Neurological Vision Impairment
Entry Fee: Free
Virtual Online
June 26
10:00 am - 1:00 pm


Margaret Bousquet

*You can only RSVP for 5 attendees, please contact the organiser for more information

NCBI NVI/CVI Parent  Conference

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Broaden your understanding of  CVI/NVI and gain practical information to help support your child from our professional guest speakers which include the following:

Introducing Sarah Chamney:
Sarah Chamney is a consultant ophthalmologist at CHI @ Temple Street, CHI @ Crumlin and the Rotunda. She completed her ophthalmology training in the Northern Ireland Deanery and undertook a fellowship in Paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus in Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Her specialist areas of interest are retinopathy of prematurity and uveitis.

Introducing Martina Keane:
Martina is Mum to Peter who has a diagnosis of CVI. “Our eight-year-old son Peter was born premature and suffered a bleed on his brain which resulted in Cortical Visual Impairment and delayed development. As a first-time parent of a child with additional needs, I would like to share our experiences as we came to terms with the condition and sought help for Peter. If our story can help anyone starting a similar journey I am delighted to assist”.

Introducing Dr Emma Connell: 
Dr Emma McConnell is a research optometrist at Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast and the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Her research interests include paediatric vision and the provision of eyecare for children with special educational needs. She was recently involved in the Special Education Eyecare project which provided eye examinations to children attending Special
Schools in Northern Ireland. As part of this project, she provided practical advice to parents and teachers of children with visual deficits, including Cerebral Visual Impairment, on how to alleviate the impact of such impairments in aspects of the child’s daily living.

Learning, Sharing, Networking!

  • Listen to a parent’s first-hand experiences in supporting a child with CVI in their everyday life
  • Get the opportunity to connect with other parents to share experiences & learning.
  • Gain more information on how NCBI can support your child on their CVI/NVI journey

Date: June 26th
Time: 10am – 1pm
Locations: Microsoft Teams