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Master Your Multitasking with Alt + Tab

Illustration of computer laptop

Our keyboard shortcut this week is one of our all-time favourites – Alt + Tab! This shortcut allows you to quickly switch between open applications or windows. When you press Alt + Tab, a window will appear displaying thumbnails of all your open windows. While holding the Alt key, you can press Tab repeatedly to cycle through the thumbnails. When you release both keys, the selected window will become active and come to the forefront. It’s especially useful when you have multiple applications open and need to switch between them quickly without using the mouse or taskbar.

Bonus Tip: Select Windows with the Arrow Keys

You can select windows in Alt + Tab with the arrow keys. Press Alt + Tab to open the switcher and keep holding down the Alt key. Rather than pressing Tab, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight the window you want, and then release the Alt key, press the Enter key, or press the space bar.