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Mastering the Windows + arrow keys keyboard shortcut

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Keyboard shortcuts are the hidden gems that can revolutionise how we interact with our computers. In this article, we unveil the power of a particularly cool keyboard shortcut: Win + Arrow Keys. This simple yet mighty combination can drastically enhance your productivity and workflow.

The Basics:

The Win key refers to the Windows key on a Windows PC or the Command key on a Mac. By combining it with the arrow keys, you can navigate and manipulate windows on your screen with remarkable ease.

1. Win + Left/Right Arrow Keys (Snap Windows):

Imagine having multiple windows open simultaneously without them cluttering your screen. Pressing Win + Left Arrow Key snaps the active window to the left side of the screen, while Win + Right Arrow Key does the same for the right side. This split-screen view allows for efficient multitasking and comparison of documents, web pages, or applications side by side.

2. Win + Up Arrow Key (Maximise Window):

Need to quickly maximise a window for a distraction-free experience? Press Win + Up Arrow Key to instantly expand the active window to full screen. It’s perfect for reading long articles, watching videos, or immersing yourself in a task that demands your full attention.

3. Win + Down Arrow Key (Restore/Minimise Window):

To revert a maximized window back to its original size or minimise it altogether, press Win + Down Arrow Key. It’s a handy shortcut when you need to quickly access your desktop or clear the clutter without closing any applications.