Working for People with Sight Loss

NCBI Employment Skills for Individuals with Vision Impairment or Blindness


Gaining invaluable skills that help us access independently to the community is even more challenging for people with vision impairment. That is why NCBI developed a new QQI Orientation, Mobility and Access module that will give recognition to these significant efforts.

Here are some key features of the upcoming programme that will take place at the National Training Centre this September:

  • This is a nationally recognised qualification, awarding participants with level 4 of the National Framework of Qualifications. It will help employers to have realistic expectations about the skills and competence of potential employees.
  • It combines the Orientation, Mobility and Access module (which is a separate minor award now recognised on the National Framework of Qualifications at level 4 worth 15 credits) with the Better Outcomes Framework (which is the best practice approach used in Rehabilitation Training)

The major Employment Skills for Individuals with Vision Impairment or Blindness Award offers learners a unique opportunity to develop the skills necessary to have access to mainstream employment, further education or training, and the community at large.

One of the key considerations for the content in the award was the inclusion of Maths, as this is a QQI programme requirement. However, this was evaluated and reinterpreted to reflect maths used in everyday life and everyday scenarios that affect the lives of learners in the vision impairment community.

With a specific combination of modules and frameworks, this programme also allows learners to fully participate in all aspects of the curriculum. We ensured the content is accessible, realistic and achievable for learners in the vision impairment community.

The overview of the programme is as follows:

  • A 2-week work placement supported by the team and the National Training Centre to ensure accessibility and support independent travel.
  • All assessments have been carefully mapped to simulate skills necessary for full participation in the labour force.
  • All learning outcomes must be reinterpreted to update the award, making it relevant to the lives of members of the vision impairment community in the 21st century.

This programme aims to promote choice and independence by supporting learners in developing the competencies and skills required to enter the labour force in meaningful roles.

In the table below, you can find the additional overview of the modules that will be covered in the programme:

NCBI Employment Skills for Individuals with Vision Impairment or Blindness 4M0857
Topics Covered
Communication Orientation Mobility & Access Access Technology Employment Supports Advocacy & Engagement
CV Sighted Guide Techniques Touch Typing Risk Assessments Learning Styles
Customer Service Orientation Skills Keyboard Shortcuts Fire Drill Skills Goal Setting
Letter writing Primary Mobility Aid


APOS Skills


Employment Legislation Career Planning




Independent Travel Skills Using maths in everyday life Manual Handling


Skills Audit


Writing skills Residential Block Travel Communication Technology Mock Interviews Responding in the workplace
Budgets & Planning Independent travel Calculator Skills Customer Service Future pathways
Route Travel Calculating Interest
Secondary Mobility Aid Calculating Payslips
Intersection and Road crossing Sending & Receiving Email
Public Transport systems
Complex Environmental Navigation
Personal Safety & Environmental Accessibility