Working for People with Sight Loss

NCBI Group Strategy

NCBI Group Strategy: Your Ambition: Our Mission 2021-2023

Purpose: Empowering people and purpose to progress through partnership.

The strategy encompasses whole of society, government, whole of organisation, whole of systems.


Direction: Changing Perceptions:

Priority 1: Your Ambition, Our Mission: Impact of visual impairment, research, empowered advocacy, campaigns, leadership in accessibility.

Priority 2: Scaling Excellence: Streamlined solutions, engineered quality, operational effectiveness.


Making it Happen: Transforming in Partnership

Priority 3: Building Capacity: Fuelled performance and creativity, culture networked teams.

Priority 4: Future focused infrastructure: Naturally digital, sustainable, reinforced systems, governance risk.

Underlying behaviours: Heart Work: Empathy, Resilience, Solutions, Together