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NCBI How I See Campaign part six – Using Technology

The NCBI How I See over picture has a navy and white background. The NCBI logo is in the top left of the image, while a clip art image of a man with a white cane walking across a road crossing is over to the right of the image. The text on the image reads How I See Campaign 2023 Using Technology.

Welcome to the final instalment of NCBI’s How I See Campaign 2023! We hope this campaign will provide some insight into what everyday life is like for people who are blind or vision impaired.

This Campaign stems from service users and advocates highlighting to us the common misconceptions among the wider public on what they believe it is like to be blind or vision impaired. The How I See Campaign aims to inform and educate the public about the realities of living with sight loss and to answer many questions people may have but are too afraid to ask.

In part five of the campaign, we asked participants about the emotional experience of being blind or vision impaired and the answers differ greatly.

Part six of the campaign covers how the participants use technology in their everyday lives. As we have covered throughout this series of videos, each person’s level of sight is different which dictates their needs and preferences when it comes to using technology.

Some people will need to use screen readers on their phones, computers and tablets, and some will still have enough residual vision that they don’t need assistance.

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