Working for People with Sight Loss
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Self-employment for people with disabilities

Tom Cooney is sitting in looking at his laptop camera. There is a bookcase behind him and light is shining on his face from a window to his right.

Tom Cooney, a professor of Entrepreneurship at the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), a director of the Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship and an adjunct professor at the University of Turku in Finland joined our Advocacy team to speak about self-employment for people with disabilities. 

In his presentation, prof. Cooney talked about motivations and barriers to self-employment, as well as his free online course delivered in collaboration with TU Dublin. This course has been running successfully for several years and is open to anyone having a disability and who wishes to start their own business. Participants that would like to join the course need to have a business idea that will be evaluated as a sustainable enterprise. During the following 12 weeks, they will work on this idea further, learning about different segments and challenges of self-employment.  

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, but you missed this event, you can listen and watch the video recording below: