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Makrolux Brightfield Magnifier 2.2x

Makrolux Brightfield Magnifier 2.2x

A block magnifier with built-in LED

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Makrolux Brightfield Magnifier 3.6x

Makrolux Brightfield Magnifier 3.6x

A block magnifier with built-in LED with an additional aspheric lens

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MaxTV Glasses

MaxTV glasses

Magnifies your TV to double the size

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Mobilux Pocket Magnifier

Mobilux Pocket Magnifiers

Handheld magnifier with attached LED light

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NCBI Cotton T-Shirt

NCBI Cotton T-shirt

Navy Fruit of the Loom T-shirt in with yellow NCBI branding

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NCBI Sports T-shirt

NCBI Sports T-shirt

Light Blue Sports T-shirt with NCBI branding

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NCBI Windbreaker Jacket

NCBI Windbreaker JacketOut of

Light weight jacket that folds up into a bag

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Optelec ClearReader+

Optelec ClearReader+

Text-to-speech in a portable design

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Orbit 20

RNIB Orbit 20 Cell

A portable Braille display with 20 refreshable eight-dot braille cells, as well as onboard braille translation.

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OrCam MyEye Pro

OrCam My Eye v2 (Wireless)

Wireless, wearable, portable camera providing text-to-speech in real time

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OrCam MyEye Smart (MyReader)

OrCam MyReader v2 (Wireless)

Wireless, wearable, portable camera providing text-to-speech in real time

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Penfriend Laundry Labels (pack of 3)

Penfriend laundry labels pack of 3

Cloth labels for use with the PenFriend audio labeller

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Personal Computer

Desktop PC Computer

Desktop PC with Windows 10

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Prodigi Connect 12 – stand only

Connect 12 Stand

Prodigi Connect 12 Stand

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QBraille XL

Qbraille XL

A blend of a Perkins keyboard with QWERTY function keys

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