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ReadEasy Evolve

Readeasy Evolve

A lightweight portable machine that reads to you, by photographing printed text and reads it out loud.

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Reveal 16i HD Digital Magnifier

Reveal 16i HD digital magnifier

Compact digital magnifier optimised for education

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Reveal Trolley Bag

Reveal 16 Trolley Bag front

Trolley bag for the Reveal 16 and Reveal 16i

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Schwiezer Reading Stand

Schwiezer Reading Stand

This Reading and Writing Stand has a large surface (40 x 50cm)

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Self-Adhesive Braille Labels (pack of 8)

Self-Adhesive Braille Labels

Plastic labels for use with Perkins Brailler

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Signature Guide

Signature GuideOut of

Device to help you write your signature in the appropriate place

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Sonic 2 Portable Player

Sonic Portable Player

A portable USB Player with Bluetooth speaker that is simple to operate.

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Sovereign MP3 Player

Sovereign Mp3 PlayerOut of

The Sovereign MP3 Player is easy to use and has been designed for individuals with vision impairment.

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T22 Dual Voice Talking Clock


Talking clock with male and female voices

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Talking Bathroom Scales

Talking Bathroom Scales

This battery operated talking bathroom scales announce your weight in a natural English voice and weigh in either metric (kilograms/grams) or imperial (pounds/ounces).

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Talking Clock with Ez Talk Button

Talking Clock with Ez Talk Button

A small talking clock that shows the time in easy to see digital numbers.

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Talking Gent’s Watch with Leather Strap

Talking Gents Watch with Leather Strap

A talking watch with black leather strap

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Talking Gents Watch with Expandable Band

Talking Gents Watch

The Gents talking comes with a choice of Two Voices, and only one exposed button. For those who simply want to hear the time, without an alarm function or an every-hour-on-the-hour announcement

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Talking Keyring with Time and Date

Talking Key Chain with time and date

A lightweight pocket clock that announces the time and date

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Talking Kitchen Scales

Talking Kitchen Scales

Easy to use mains and battery operated talking kitchen scale.

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Talking Kitchen Scales with Easy-to-See Measuring Jug

Talking Kitchen Scales with easy-to-see Jug

Talking kitchen scales with measuring jug

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