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What is the NCBI Smart Hub?

smart speakers with text New NCBI Smart Hub


The NCBI Smart Hub will enable NCBI to continue engage with NCBI Service Users, deliver services and content via Smart Speaker direct to the user.  The user can ask “Hey Alexa/Google, tell me about the NCBI.” Or “Hey Alexa/Google, what technology can I avail of to help me”. 

The device will then retrieve content and play it back via the speaker in that user’s home.  It will also allow users to request appointments via the Smart Hub and even speak directly to NCBI by simply asking “Hey Alexa/Google, Can I speak to someone in the NCBI?” the Smart Speaker will then start a phone call to the NCBI for the user.  

What is the Aim of the project? 

The aim of the project is to provide another channel for NCBI Service and to continue to engage with its Service Users over the internet direct to the user’s home.   

What is the Pilot Programme? 

NCBI needs the help from our Service User’s and Advocates to test the functionality and User Experience of the Smart Hub once it has been developed.   

We would like these Pilot Users to set up a smart speaker in their home, download the NCBI Smart Hub application and start using the various functions.  The Pilot User would report back into the NCBI Project team any observations, bugs etc. they encountered when using the application. 

We will also have a limited number of devices that we can provide to service users and staff during the pilot.  

If you know of a service user that would like to be involved please let us know and we will send out emails with information necessary in due course. 

How to get involved? 

Please complete the following short questionnaire.


If you have any further question please email