Working for People with Sight Loss
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National Training Centre

The National Training Centre (NTC) is Ireland’s only training centre for people of working age with vision impairment. The centre provides people of working age with sight loss the training opportunities and skills required to support entry into meaningful employment.

NTC - National training centre

The NTC has developed a new core offering in response to need evident in the community. Benefits of participation and positive engagement in the work force are well linked to increased measures of quality of life and mental health across the population. NCBI seeks to support the growth of the current low 24.4% labour force participation rate for people of working age with vision impairment in Ireland, by providing the best platform to prepare all students for entry into the workforce.

Our targeted QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) certification modules help you develop skills based on areas of interest and need.

Courses Offered


We encourage students to take part in a variety of modules during their training, based on their needs, ability and availability. Programmes at the NTC include:

Students can work toward QQI Level 4 certification on the Employment Skills for Individuals with Vision Impairment or Blindness (4M0857) module, and QQI Level 4 Specific Purpose Certificate in Orientation, Mobility & Access (4S21459).

Having a QQI accreditation also means students are assured that all QQI modules are monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis and that all QQI awards are part of the National Framework of Qualifications. This ensures that your award is nationally and internationally recognized and that the award can create further learning opportunities for you.

If you want to learn more about any of the programmes, please contact Jodie McGriele, Lifecycle Manager: Employment, Training & Academia Team, via email at or via phone at 01 8821955.

Participant Profile

3 icons, the left one is holding his long cane, the one in the middle with his guide dog, the right one is wearing glasses

Participants must be aged individuals aged 18 to 65 who are blind or vision impaired. We expect that participants would have the ability to:

  • Progress to further or higher education and/or employment;
  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate in the training programme.


To learn more about the NTC please call NCBI Infoline 1800 911 250

Read here the NTC Statement of Purpose

Alistair playing guitar

Read Alistair’s story about his life and experience with NTC

“For me, the most important part of the Training Centre is peer support. Meeting other people who also have sight loss, hearing their story and developing that camaraderie has been invaluable to me even more than the actual classes. ”

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