Working for People with Sight Loss

Supporting You with Everyday Living

Whether you seek more information on your eye condition or Government entitlements or keen to access our dedicated library for extensive audio, Braille or large print material or participate in sports and leisure activities, we can offer it all.
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Eye Conditions

Check here for more information on common eye conditions and how the world is viewed when you have these conditions.
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NCBI Library has an extensive range of educational and leisure books in Braille and large print as well as alternative formats including audio, digital Braille, Word, PDF and EPub formats.

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Vision Sports

Vision Sports Ireland is the national governing body for sports and leisure activities for blind or vision impaired people.

Read more about Vision Sports

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Disability Access & Awareness

Learn how NCBI can assist you in making the built environment more accessible to the needs of people who are blind or vision impaired.

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Government Entitlements

Check out what financial supports you may be entitled to.

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