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BlindShell Classic 2 tactile phone in red and black

Live Event 60 – Introducing the BlindShell Classic 2 Mobile Phone, Exploring the Supersense AI app for iOS and Android, and Competition to win an Amazon Echo

Date: Tuesday 7th December

Time: 14:30

We have lots coming up in what will be our final Live Event of 2021.

To start off, it’s competition time. We’re giving away an Amazon Echo smart speakers to one lucky listener live on air.

Next, we’re very exciting to tell you about the brand-new BlindShell Classic 2. An updated version of the internationally popular BlindShell Classic, this is a fully accessible phone for the blind and visually impaired community. The phone has a fully functional screen reader, a physical keypad, and a large print, high contrast, screen that is fully customisable. The Classic 2 adds in a heap of new apps (including WhatsApp) and features that make this great phone even better! To find out all we need to know about the phone we’re joined by Filip Hrdlička and Kristýna Savaryová from BlindShell.

Our attention then turns to mobile apps as we find out about the free Supersense AI app available on iOS and Android. Harnessing the power of AI, this scanner app allows you to convert text to speech, identify currency, read documents, barcodes, and even explore your surroundings.

Finally, our regular panelists reveal their personal highlights from Live Events recorded over the year.

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