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Talking Technology Podcast Episode 32 – Braille on Pharma Packaging, the Braille Doodle, and the Hable One

Braille Doodle, Hable 1, Braille on medication packaging

Episode 32

In our Braille special podcast this week we are joined by the following guests:

Jackie McBrearty speaks about her experience of learning and using Braille and what Braille means to her. Lina Kouzi, Head of Library Access Services at NCBI, discusses the importance of Braille on medicine packaging as the NCBI Library was instrumental in working with the Pharma companies in Ireland to commence production of Braille on the pharma packs.

Also, we are joined by Daniel Lubiner from the TouchPad Pro Foundation to find out about an exciting product called the Braille Doodle. Petrina Finn and Derry Lawler speak about the Hable One and their experience of using it.

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