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Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 28 – Switching from iPhone to Android Part II, Exploring the HumanWare StellarTrek GPS

Apple and Android logo next to Humanware StellarTrek

Episode 28

Android or iOS – we all have our platform of choice when it comes to choosing the right smartphone. On the show this week we’re re-joined by NCBI Labs Chief Technology Officer Kyran O’Mahoney who shares with us the next part of his journey from switching from his iPhone to a Google Pixel Pro. Likewise, Mairead O’Mahony in the Labs teams has been taking a break from her iPhone to try out the Samsung Z 4 Flip phone. Are they missing their iPhones or have they already converted to Android?

The StellarTrek, as the name suggests, is a digital orientation and mobility assistant with GPS technology and a user-friendly tactile interface with buttons to guide you along your chosen route using appropriate voice commands. We’re joined by guest Martin Lawlor who has been trying out the StellarTrek these last few weeks to hear his thoughts.

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