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Things to try on your Smart Speaker

Photo of smart speakers

Smart speakers are always on, so they are starting to turn into great home security devices. Google Home users can sign up to Nest Aware and be notified if a critical sound is detected like a smoke alarm or glass breaking by sending an alert to the Google Home app. Or, if you are the owner of a Google Nest Hub smart display, you can drop in on your device and look and listen to what’s going on at home at any time.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa can do this by connecting to a Ring Alarm security system, which can also detect smoke alarms and other critical sounds such as break-ins. You can also connect your Amazon smart speaker to the Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Indoor Cameras.

If you are not invested in some of the security systems mentioned, one skill to try out with Alexa is Burglar deterrent. Just say “Alexa, enable Burglar deterrent”, and you will hear choices like play a barking dog, or play dining room sounds, or simulate the home office.

Google Home

If you are a Google Home user just say, “Hey Google, speak to Burglar deterrent” or “play Garage sounds” or “play a barking dog”. It is in no way a replacement for a paid security system but it can add to what you already have and it can show you the potential of the smart speaker and the direction these companies are thinking when it comes to home security.