Working for People with Sight Loss

Wayfinding Campus


The Wayfinding Campus will be Ireland’s only and most extensive indoor transport training facility. The centre aims to equip people with disabilities with the mobility skills to complete endto-end journeys confidently and independently using multiple modes of public transport.

The centre will offer specialised instruction, have all existing transport modes available and include the acoustics, hazards and built environment that envelopes them. The centre will be the first service of its kind in Europe.

Did you know?

Currently, just 6% of people with disabilities utilise the public transport system every day to attend school or work (CSO, 2016)

195,037 people reported difficulty in using public transport and participating in other activities. (CSO, 2016)

The Challenges

Accessing and navigating public transport is problematic for people with disabilities. It is also not always designed for people with disabilities in mind. NCBI’s vision aspires to ensure that everyone including people who are blind or vision impaired have the same access to public transport as everybody else.
This will be achieved through:

  • A leading centre of expertise providing accessible public transport information.
  • Short-term comprehensive instruction designed to teach people with disabilities how to travel safely and independently.
  • Familiarisation and testing programmes for new transport models and related technology.
  • Information and Awareness Training for all stakeholders.
  • Inclusion Access Advisory Group addressing accessibility challenges and the required recommendations and improvements needed to promote a barrier-free public transport system.

The Solution

The Wayfinding campus has five strategies to make travel easier for people with

1. Learner Strategy—Specialist Training for those with a disability. Increasing the independence, confidence and knowledge of learners through the provision of transport training, orientation and access to information sessions.

2. Provider Network Strategy—Partnership with NTA (National Transport Authority) and DCC (Dublin City Council) and transport operators who all provide significant funding. Alongside alliances with other stakeholders and disability groups who could use and pay for our expertise.

3. Transport Operator Strategy— Frontline and managerial awareness training and understanding of the needs of people with physical, mental, cognitive or sensory impairments.

4. Public Awareness Strategy— Understanding by the general public and policy makers of transport access requirements for those with disabilities.

5. Universal Design Strategy—Ensure fleet are in ine with disability requirements and transport standard requirements.

Welcome to the Wayfinding campus inside image of proposed Wayfinding Campus

How can you help?

If the impact of the Wayfinding campus resonates with you or your organisation and you would like to find out more about how you could support the work, we would like to hear from you.

Email: [email protected]