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Virtual Touch Typing and Virtual iPad with VoiceOver Courses

Cropped view of person hands typing on laptop computer


NCBI Labs IT trainer Miriam Kelly regularly delivers these two Virtual Training Courses for anyone who would like to join.

Virtual Touch Typing Course for Beginners

The Virtual Touch Typing Course is for anyone who would like to learn how to Touch Type. This absolute beginner’s course includes: step by step, instructor-led training on the QWERTY keyboard, ergonomics and correct posture, achieving accuracy and fluency. The student will also be provided with audio practice files throughout the training course. Participants will have the ability to Touch Typing by the end of the training.

iPad with VoiceOver for Beginners

The Beginners iPad with VoiceOver training course is a virtual training course that will introduce the absolute beginner to VoiceOver the gestures required for navigating their device.

It includes learning the gestures for: navigating apps, screens and setting options, exploring by touch, automatic reading, changing values, using app switcher, closing down open apps, turning the screen curtain on/off, turning VoiceOver speech on/off, and using Siri to create notes and lists.

If you are interested in participating in either of these virtual courses, please email