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How to Incorporate Vintage Pieces into Your Home & Wardrobe

vintage collection in retail store

Incorporating vintage clothing into your wardrobe and home can be a great way to add some unique and affordable pieces to your collection. However, many people struggle with figuring out how to incorporate these stand-out items into their modern style.

Not knowing where to start or how to make these items fit in with your taste can make it difficult to get started. If this sounds like you, don’t worry.

We’ll discuss why vintage clothing and home decor is worth considering and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe and room with ease. 


Start With Small, Versatile Pieces

One of the keys to successfully incorporating vintage pieces into your home and wardrobe is to start small. 

Most people underestimate the value of taking small steps and building momentum. We want it all in one sitting and we don’t stop. 

The problem with this mindset is it is overwhelming and promotes clutter. Think of your style as similar to that of a model home. A model home can look nice without being stuffed full of furniture. A little goes a long way, especially when it comes to expression.

Rather than committing to a full vintage-style room or outfit, begin by adding a few vintage accents or pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with your existing decor and clothing. This allows you to experiment with a vintage style without feeling overwhelmed.

You do not need more, you need to just know how to maximise each item you use.


Seek Out High-Quality Vintage Pieces

When shopping for vintage pieces, it’s important to seek out those that are well-made and in good condition. Vintage pieces that are in good condition will look better and be more durable.

You can often find these pieces in estate sales, flea markets or NCBI retail stores, auctions, specialty stores, and antique shops. Online marketplaces like, eBay, and Depop are also great places to find such vintage items and clothing. 

These vintage items come from people who usually are downsizing or liquidating their belongings for a lot of reasons such as moving to a different location or modernising their homes. 

Specialty stores are particularly interesting because you could find a wide variety of items including clothing, furniture, and even collectibles.  

Antique shops are great candidates, too, when it comes to finding vintage pieces, but prices could be higher and you may find yourself bidding if the items are prepared for auction. One reason why people go to antique shops compared to other places is due to the added expertise and authenticity of any items that are found there.




Incorporate Vintage Pieces Into Your Existing Decor and Clothes Selection

Another way to make vintage pieces feel like they belong in your home or wardrobe is to incorporate them into your existing decor. This could mean pairing a vintage side table with a modern couch or combining a retro dress with a modern blazer. 

You can also choose a focal point.  You can pick one vintage piece and use it as a focal point in your living room or outfit. Allow it to shine and serve as a conversation starter. 

Another good idea is to create a theme. Use vintage pieces to create a themed room or outfit – modern, mid-century, or art deco-inspired space.

For vintage vases or curtains, use them as accents to add character to your living room. Vintage blouses can go great with your favourite pair of jeans. 

If you think damages and imperfections in your vintage pieces are a turn-off, think again. Vintage items often have imperfections and character marks, embrace them and use them to add warmth and personality to your style.

Just don’t overdo it. Keep the balance by only adding a few vintage pieces, this helps maintain a cohesive look.

By mixing vintage and modern styles, you can create a look that feels both fresh and timeless.


Be Creative With Styling

When styling vintage pieces, don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside of the box. Instead of simply displaying a vintage vase on a shelf, try using it as a unique centerpiece for a table setting. Or pair a vintage dress with modern accessories like jewelry or a pair of sneakers.

You could also use antique items as artwork such as hanging a large vintage mirror or an old map on the wall. You could also play with proportion by pairing a large vintage item with smaller modern pieces or vice versa.


Mix And Match Patterns And Textures

Another way to make vintage pieces feel fresh and current is by mixing and matching patterns and textures to create a signature look. For example, you could pair a vintage floral dress with a modern geometric bag or a vintage geometric rug with a modern floral pillow. 

You may also create a visual interest such as matching a vintage rug with a velvet sofa. 

Textures are particularly great for creating an illusion of patterns and textures. Make use of rugs, curtains, blankets, or tablecloths pieces. Use colour combinations like pairing vintage blue with white patterned textile that incorporates a bold red accent. 

Another good idea is layering. Layer vintage textiles to create interest and depth. One example is using a vintage rug layered on top of a modern or contemporary style carpet or a vintage blanket draped over a modern armchair.


Shop At Second-Hand And Vintage Stores

Finally, when shopping for vintage pieces, consider visiting second-hand vintage & charity stores. These stores often have a wide selection of older items to choose from, and they are a great place to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Incorporating vintage pieces into your home and wardrobe can be a fun and rewarding way to add character and personality to your space. By starting with small, and using quality items creatively you can make a look that feels both vintage and modern. With the right approach, vintage pieces can become a staple in your home and wardrobe for years to come.