Working for People with Sight Loss

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“I am getting involved in so many activities of NCBI because the truth is nobody speak better for you than yourself. We carry the problem and know how the problem affects us so we have to advocate for ourselves.”
David Kortukohun
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Bold woman reading a booklet to another woman

Nationwide Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) Service

The ECLO role is based within eye clinics in hospitals. The ECLO is a key point of contact for patients to be given information on, and referral to, rehabilitation and support services in the community following a diagnosis of vision impairment.

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Covid-19 Public Health Advice poster image of someone walking with a white cane

Social Distancing

This campaign highlights the challenges social distancing poses to people who are blind or vision impaired and urges the public to be more mindful so we can adhere to Covid19 restrictions.

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Man walking with a white cane, black bin in his way

Clear our Paths

This campaigns actively seeks the removal of temporary obstacles on footpaths as these barriers can cause injury to people who are blind or vision impaired and impede their ability to navigate safely.

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This campaign seeks to raise the low employment rate among people who are blind or vision impaired by supporting both job seekers and employers.

Information for Government, employers and jobseekers

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Accessible voting

Casting your ballot in private is extremely difficult when you are blind or vision impaired. The promotion of tactile voting templates helps to remedy this.

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